Decor Trends to Drop for 2024

Decor Trends to Drop for 2024

A new year means new trends and the world of interior design is no exception. But what can you do if you have integrated stylistic elements into your decor that are declining in popularity in 2024?

Of course, you can update your home’s look with simple alterations, here and there—no need for a complete remodel! But first, let’s see what aspects of your residence’s decor are on the way out.

All White Rooms

White paint on every wall, entirely white kitchens and bathrooms, this all lacks personality and seems a little … boring. This is the year to add warmth with touches of wood and colour.

Home Offices in Closets

If you suddenly found yourself having to adapt to telework, you may have embraced the idea of converting a closet into a small workspace which has been so prevalent over the past few years. If your professional situation has stabilized at home, the time has definitely come for you to set up a dedicated and functional home office for yourself.


Straight Lines

The year 2024 is all about comfort, principally with curved furniture and contours. To limit the impact on your budget, hold on to your sofa, but replace an armchair with a model in this year’s preferred shape. In the kitchen, keep your straight and square island and add accessories such as round cutting boards.

The Modern Farmhouse Aesthetic

While this design style has been in vogue these past few years, it appears to be running out of steam. Shiplap clad walls (wood planks of various dimensions), barn wood doors, open shelving in the kitchen are all decor features that seem to have vanished from the pages of interior decorating magazines and blogs. If you adore this cozy and nostalgic ambiance, you might like to integrate elements of the English cottage style (fashionable this year!), such as bookshelves filled with tomes and floral-patterned textiles. This way you won’t have to start from scratch!

Black Plumbing Fixtures and Accessories

Have you succumbed to the charm of jet-coloured bathroom fittings, to the point of having changed your kitchen and bathroom cabinet knobs and other accessories to match? What we are seeing for 2024 is the use of a mix of metals. The easiest solution is to swap out some of the black components for chrome or brass.

Open Concept Rooms

Open concept and multi-purpose rooms have dominated house layouts these past decades but are now gradually being abandoned. People are falling back in love with well-defined spaces and rediscovering their appreciation for the privacy they provide to the occupants. Some homeowners are going so far as to re-erect walls they had previously removed. If this isn’t an option for you, employ furniture to delineate zones and try to re-establish a degree of intimacy with temporary partitions, like bookshelves.

Subway Tiles

We’ve been predicting their demise for years now. Popular since the 1800s, subway tiles are a staple of the timeless traditional design style. The issue is the typical layout of 2x4 inch white tiles. So passé! Don’t discard the boxes of tiles you’ve already purchased, however. For a fresh take on this classic, lay them stacked in a linear vertical grid instead of a staggered brick pattern.

So, how do you plan to use 2024’s interior design trends to refresh your home’s decor without renovating?

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